Quality and Environment

Our ISO 9001 accreditation means manufacturing and distribution processes are internationally recognised as consistently satisfying our customers and partners. Based on a variety of quality management principles such as continuous improvement, a strong customer focus, and effective process management, we’re proud to live up to the most rigorous standards in terms of product quality.

The meticulous quality management systems we have in place mean that every aspect of the production process is of the highest quality – from the raw materials we bring in, to the final products ready for sale. We’re proud of our long heritage and our reputation as manufacturers of some of the most premium pet foods on the market, and our stringent quality controls highlight this.

Respecting our environment

As responsible manufacturers, minimising our environmental impact is very important to us, whether that’s locally at one of our state-of-the-art energy efficient manufacturing facilities, or globally. We monitor the environmental impact of our production and transportation, aiming to reduce emissions and our carbon footprint in line with government standards. 

All of our products, across all of our brands, are manufactured in the UK with raw ingredients sourced as locally as possible, reducing unnecessary transport emissions.