Passionately British, Meatiful complete sausages are produced using prime meat cuts to create high quality single sourced protein foods with the finest vet approved recipes. The healthy pet food sausages we produce are a delicious food that dogs adore. Whatever variety you decide on, your pooch is sure to love our sausages.

100% Natural, 100% Gluten Free, 100% Delicious.

Key facts

  • Made in Britain, Meatiful is a delicious sausage that is 100% natural and 100% gluten free
  • With vet-approved recipes, our sausages are hypoallergenic and ruminant free
  • Contain no wheat, dairy or soya, but with added vitamins and minerals
  • Taste-tested by Meatiful’s food experts to ensure optimum flavour for our customers
  • Perfect for dogs at any stage of life, from puppies to older dogs with sensitivities
  • Three mouth-watering varieties including Free Range Chicken, Farm Reared Duck and Scottish Salmon